beatriz carbonell bio


Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer

Sculptress. 1974. Llíria, Valencia, Spain. Degree in Sculpture, from San Carlos College, University of Valencia. 1997.  

Since graduation, she has continued rounding up her education in several workshops  with domestic and international masters such Enric Mestre, Vicente Ortí, Juan Carlos Albaladejo, David Reid, Yoriyasu Masuda, Nassio Bayarri, Martín Chirino, Elsie Wood, Brenda Oaks, Constantina Iconomopoulos, among others.

Regarding her works, she is always looking for inner sensations and feelings and she tries to transmit them, wrapped in a surrealistic veil, creating an imaginary world with soft and rounded forms that synthesize the shape of a foot, a distorted and stretched human foot. She uses this organic shape to represent herself in her life's daily transit. She works with several materials, but her favourite one is marble. She really enjoys the process of working with it. She like to get the most out of each material, but respecting their colours and natural oxidations, She takes good care to  use the proper technique in each case. Together with marble, we find wood, iron, ceramics, bronze and even plastics and silicons. Many times she combines two materials in the same sculpture, trying to reinforce the concept of that particular piece and its meaning. And finally, although she has got moments of calm and quietness, she feels like she is always in transition, receiving energy that flows in all directions.

As a guest, she has participated in several international symposiums of open air sculpture in different countries: Cartagena, Uncastillo, Camponaraya in Spain, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lima (Peru), Puntarenas (Costa Rica), Santiago de Cuba (Cuba), Mezdra (Bulgaria), Horice (Czech Republic), Swansea (Wales), Montevideo (Uruguay), Brusque (Brazil), Hamilton (New Zealand), Cerisy La Fôret (France), Nicosia (Cyprus), Mersin and Degirmendere (Turkey), Cipolletti (Patagonia Argentina).

Her work is showing in cultural places and private galleries. She has received a number of awards for her sculptures. She lives and works in Logroño, La Rioja, Spain.